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Multi - Purpose Target Base

Our multi-purpose target base allows you to use one base for multiple target uses. All three of these are the same base with different target systems mounted up. Rather than use cheap lightweight angle iron these are all tube steel construction which increases stability of the platform when using cardboard backers and also takes alot more abuse than angle iron. All have thumb screw tension bolts in the rear to secure firring strips. The Simple gong set up slots right into the 1 x 2 steel and secures using the same tension screws. Can mount any size gong up to 16". Great base platform that you can use for multiple training senarios.




- 1" x 1" 11ga steel construction

- 1" x 2" furring strip mounts for Cardboard backers

- 1.75" x 1.75" furring strip mount for single point targets

- Tension adjustment screw for holding target mounting posts.

- Gong plate, mount and chains not included.

2 x 4 Steel Challenge Base

Our 2 x 4 target base is the main platform for our Steel Challenge Target line. This base is made from 1" square tube steel and uses and all welded construction for strenth and durability.  We use .25" tube steel for the wood post holder with will allow a standard 2 x 4 to slot in with no slop between the wood and steel. This means there is no need for any kind of tension screw and the post will no rock around in the base.


- 1" x 1" 11ga Tube Steel Construction

- 2"x 4" x .25" tube steel post holder

- No tension screws needed to hold post.

- 2 x 4 Top cap also available.



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Heavy Gong Target

3/8" AR500 mounting ears.

1" solid bar cross bar

3/4" solid bar legs that slot in with no hardware

16" square gong and chains included.

$250.00 limited time


We are always looking to add new  dealers to carry our AR500 Steel Target platforms. Contact for details