2015 Product Catalog


We are always adding to our target line up so if you dont see something you're looking for just shoot us an email to info@redstitchtactical.com


Target List and Pricing

Precision and Static Targets
RST-1824-PST Precision Sniper Target $420.00
RST-1824-FSHT Full Silhouette Hostage Target $350.00
RST-1840-ES E-Silhouette Target $395.00
RST-1824-TS Full Silhouette Target $275.00
RST-1824-TS66 66% Full Silhouette Target $195.00
RST-1824-TS50 50% Full Silhouette Target $150.00

B-Zone Silhouette "The Duncan"

RST-1224-DHT Duncan Hostage Target $300.00

Auto Reset Target "THE PIG"

RST-2619-RVD Reactive-V Dog Target $315.00
Dueling Tree Targets
RST-GT87-SDT Gravitas Steel Drop Tree $499.00
RST-GT67-SDT GRavitas Steel Drop Tree $425.00

Eight Target Dueling Tree "Big Jake"

RST-0066-DT Six Target Dueling Tree $375.00
RST-0046-DT Four Target Dueling Tree $285.00
RST-0028-DT Two Target Rifle tree $240.00
RST-0048-DT Four Target Rifle tree $325.00
AR500 Gong Targets
RST-1216-MSG 12" round head, 16" square torso $350.00
RST-0812-MSG 8 round head, 12" square torso $299.00
RST-1820-SG8 Simple Gong Target 12" Round gong $125.00
RST-4248-HGP Heavy Gong Platform $295.00