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AR500 Steel Target Platforms

Precision and Silhouette Targets
RST-1824-PST Precision Sniper Target $420.00
RST-1824-FSHT Full Silhouette Hostage Target $350.00
RST-1840-ES E-Silhouette Target $395.00
RST-1824-TS Full Silhouette Target $275.00
RST-1824-TS66 66% Full Silhouette Target $195.00
RST-1824-TS50 50% Full Silhouette Target $150.00

B-Zone Silhouette "The Duncan"

RST-1224-DHT Duncan Hostage Target $300.00

Auto Reset Target "THE PIG"

RST-2619-RVD Reactive-V Dog Target $315.00
Dueling Tree Targets
RST-GT87-SDT Gravitas Steel Drop Tree $499.00
RST-GT67-SDT GRavitas Steel Drop Tree $425.00

8 x 6" Tree "Big Jake"

RST-0066-DT 6 x 6" Tree $375.00
RST-0046-DT 4 x 6" Tree $285.00
RST-0028-DT 2 x 8" long range tree $265.00
RST-0048-DT 4 x 8" Long range tree $385.00
AR500 Gong Targets
RST-1216-MSG 12" round head, 16" square torso $350.00
RST-0812-MSG 8 round head, 12" square torso $275.00
RST-1820-SG8 Simple Gong Target 8" Round gong $99.00




  • ATAC Range Day with Heckler & Koch - Red Stitch Tactical will be providing all the steel targets for HK during their demonstration and testing even at the ATAC shoot prior to Shot Show.
  • Shot Show 2015Jan 20-23 Las Vegas NV. We will be out at the Shot Show again this year in booth 1763. We will be offering special pricing for all orders placed at the show as well as special dealer signup offers.


360 Swinger


One of three options available on our Multi Purpose Swinger target.

On display at modern Day Marine Expo!

Coming Soon!



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