2015 Product Catalog


We are always adding to our target line up so if you dont see something you're looking for just shoot us an email to info@redstitchtactical.com


Dueling Tree, AR550, Steel Targets



At Red Stitch Tactical we believe we make the best dueling trees on the market. All of our trees are extremely durable and are the easiest on the market to assemble and get into action. No tools are required, simply slot the tree into the base and slide the target hinge assemblies into the back and your ready to go. All of our AR500 target plates are bolted to the hinge assemblies so you never have to worry about them breaking off from cheap welds. Welding AR steel is the worst way to build targets and we only weld the AR plate when there is truly no other way. We offer dueling trees with both six and eight inch target plates and systems with two to 8 target plates. We also are the only target manufacturer to offer actual AR500 armored dueling trees. We don't hang and extra plate of steel on top of the tree, we build the trees from the ground up using premium AR550 plate.

Price: $285 - $650

steel targets


We make some of the most unique and practical precision targets you find anywhere. We do our best to reduce the gimmick factor you find at other target companies. All of out targets are designed and built from the ground up in house. In addition to that we actually shoot all of our targets. We don't just stop at a computer model and then throw it on the web. We go out and shoot them and are always continuing to develop and improve all of our target systems. Because we design and build all of our targets in house we are the premier choice when you need a one of special target or just want something built to your specs. That is exactly what we do so you wont see a massive custom price attached to it.

Price: $235 - $550

AR500 AR550 Steel Targets


Static steel is a staple of any serious shooting facility. All of our static targets are set up the same way, 15 degree forward angle to deflect all spatter into the ground and not back at the shooter. In addition to that all of our static targets use the same tube steel base and 5/16" steel angle iron post. Consider this when you look at our competition using square tube posts; first that creates a flat surface for rounds to deflect right back at the shooter and second, thin wall tube gets shot right through and destroyed pretty quickly. Heavy angle deflects the impacts to the sides and can take some serious abuse before ever being deemed unserviceable. All targets are available in 3/8" and 1/2" AR550 plate. If you have a special size or shape you need just let us know. We do everything in house ourselves to include design so special targets are no problem.

PRICE: $150 - $495

AR550 AR500 Steel Target


We make several different style gong target platforms. From the simple gong system that uses a standard target base to the more elaborate Modular Sniper Gong we did for the FBI shooting school several years ago. All gong targets are designed to be as simple as possible in set up and tear down. One of the big drawbacks about gong targets is the use of chains. No matter how good you are inevitably someone will shoot out the chains and then you are doing repairs. For some people that possibility is outweighed by the versatility of gong target setups, for others we offer some targets that use conveyor belt as the hanger. These last much longer and allow errant shots to pass right through without stopping training.

Price: $125 - $425