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AR500 Steel Target Platforms

Precision and Silhouette Targets
RST-1824-PST Precision Sniper Target $420.00
RST-1824-FSHT Full Silhouette Hostage Target $350.00
RST-1840-ES E-Silhouette Target $395.00
RST-1824-TS Full Silhouette Target $275.00
RST-1824-TS66 66% Full Silhouette Target $195.00
RST-1824-TS50 50% Full Silhouette Target $150.00

B-Zone Silhouette "The Duncan"

RST-1224-DHT Duncan Hostage Target $300.00

Auto Reset Target "THE PIG"

RST-2619-RVD Reactive-V Dog Target $315.00
Dueling Tree Targets
RST-GT87-SDT Gravitas Steel Drop Tree $499.00
RST-GT67-SDT GRavitas Steel Drop Tree $425.00

8 x 6" Tree "Big Jake"

RST-0066-DT 6 x 6" Tree $375.00
RST-0046-DT 4 x 6" Tree $285.00
RST-0028-DT 2 x 8" long range tree $265.00
RST-0048-DT 4 x 8" Long range tree $385.00
Target Stands
RST-1820-BTS $38.00
RST-1820-SCB $42.00
AR500 Gong Targets
RST-1216-MSG 12" round head, 16" square torso $299.00
RST-0812-MSG 8 round head, 12" square torso $225.00
RST-1820-SG8 Simple Gong Target 8" Round gong $99.00



Target Write Ups and Reviews

AR500 Mini

Modular Sniper Gong System

Six Target Dueling Tree

Enhanced Long Range Tree

Target Videos

Plate Rack

 Shoot and reload drill on "The Pig"

Three Little Pigs

"Big Jake"

Red Stitch Drop Target

Heavy Gong Target

3/8" AR500 mounting ears.

1" solid bar cross bar

3/4" solid bar legs that slot in with no hardware

16" square gong and chains included.

$250.00 limited time


We are always looking to add new  dealers to carry our AR500 Steel Target platforms. Contact for details