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Six and Eight target Dueling Trees on sale now!

Ends Soon!


We offer several different dueling trees rated for both pistol and rifle. All trees are built based on our standard six target dueling tree. Primarily designed and intended as a pistol target, our dueling trees all have a 15 degree forward tilt to ensure the target plates don't ever get stuck in the rear position. The main tree is 3/8” angle iron with the mounting platforms for each target assembly welded into position. The target plates are all bolted to a hinge assembly using 3/4” solid bar. This allows you to easily swap out your target plate should they ever get damaged. It also means your tree will never be out of action because your target plates broke off at the weld seem. The entire tree slots together telescopically into the tube steel base and all target hinge assemblies easily slot into their carriers requiring no tools or hardware to assemble or disassemble.  That means you are set up and ready to shoot in under a minute. 


Dueling Tree Prices:

RST-0046-DT Four Target Dueling Tree - $295.00

RST-0066-DT Six Target Dueling Tree - $385.00

RST-0086-DT Eight Target Dueling Tree - $465.00

RST-0028-DT Two Target Rifle Tree - $265.00

RST-0048-DT Four Target Rifle Tree - $385.00


- 3/8”AR500 target plates - 6” or 8” standard
- 3/4” Solid bar target hinge assembly
- 3/8” Angle iron deflector shield standard
- Optional AR500 Deflector shield
- 15 Degree forward tilt on all trees
-  No tools or hardware required for assembly
- 1.5” Square tube steel base
-  Stake down holes in all four corners
-  Optional target plate sizes available